1. Company Name
      Raja Uchino Company Limited (Formerly, Raja Textile Company Limited) 
    1. Year of Foundation
      It was founded in June, 1973. Later, in 1988, Sahapat Group Company co-invested with Uchino Company Limited, Japan, which is the leading expert in towel and home textile markets. At present, the proportion of Thai and Japanese shareholders is 66% and 34%, respectively. 
    1. Type of Business
      It operates the home textile business. It is a manufacturer of towels and home textile, whose production facilities cover weaving and bleaching process and embroidery, including expertise in garment. The Company has developed a wide range of innovation in terms of raw materials and products, by considering the function and application for the highest benefits and comfort of consumers. The concept is to release Synergetic Product. 
    1. Product Category
      Textiles for bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and living room 
    1. Type of Product
      Towel, bathrobe, bath mat, slipper, handkerchief, bedroom products, Pajama / Relax Wear / Lounge Wear / Bedding & Mattresses, Products for kids, Products for elderly, Health products, Sport products, Eco-friendly products and products for SPA 
    1. Distribution Channel
      Domestic At leading department stores, Discount Store &  Factory Outlet Drug Store, Convenience Store & Categories Shop, OEM & Online Sale etc. International In Japan, China, USA, Europe and ASEAN etc. 
    1. Headquarters
      529/1-4 Rama 3 Road, Bangpongpang, Yannawa, Bangkok, 10120 
    1. Number of Employees
      1,000 employees 
    1. Registered Share Capital
      121.50 million Baht 
    1. Managing Director
      Mr.Samphan Yuvaprakorn