Gauze Pile

Fabric Suitable for Kids

Experiencing two-in-one features, Gauze side helps ventilate and transfer humidity and Pile side provides soft surface and good absorption

Ideal for: Kids 

Zero Twist Towel

Enhancing Fiber Adhesive Property with Pile Retention

It is made from extra-long staple cotton which is woven with spinning technology to the lowest thread and through the process to make sure that there are no loose or pulled fibers. It results to lightweight and soft fabric with good absorption and quick evaporation property. 

Ideal for: Child from 3 years of age up to adults and those who want a soft touch 

Bamboo Towel

Soft, Smooth and Non-irritating to Skin 

  • It is a kind of rayon yarn which is made of bamboo pulp. 

  • It is shine, soft and smooth which gives the skin a cool and comfort feeling. 

  • Excellent water absorption (7 times as much as cotton by weight) and quick drying, suitable for humid places like condo.

  • Antibacterial and anti fungal properties (lifetime)

Ideal for: Use in damp conditions 

Charcoal Fiber

Good Fiber for Health and Hygiene 

  • Excellent absorption and deodorizing properties 

  • Naturally Anti-Bacteria 

  • Anti-UV 

  • Release Negative Ions that help increase oxygen to the body to light up the brain and also release Far Infrared Ray that improves the efficiency of the blood circulatory system. 

  • Anti-static for comfortable feeling 

  • Good ventilation and quick drying

Ideal for: Health lovers