the experience
more than 40 year
For 40 years of towel manufacturing development to obtain various patterns of products,
we have researched new raw materials with special properties in order to add more values to
the application on the production line which its quality is regularly inspected in each procedure.
As a result, our products are qualified in accordance with specified standards and requirements
of global leading distributors over 30 countries. 

Fabric For Health
Bamboo fibers naturally have special ingredients which can fight against and
inhibit the growth of bacteria, including neutralize odor. It is gentle and light.
It is not irritated to sensitive skin. Its fiber absorbs water and evaporates
very quickly so it is suitable for towel which is used in damp condition or
in locations away from sunlight, such as condominium, etc. 

Make you healthy
It has the properties of absorbing odor, preventing bacteria and UV,
and providing Far Infrared ray to boost functions of cells in the body,
resulting to good blood circulation. It is also well- ventilated,
providing comfortable feeling. 

oem service
for our customers
With state-of-the-art technology of production and
equipment on the qualified production line,
products are controlled in accordance with standards
which make your customers satisfied. 

product groups
finest - quality towel
The company takes great pleasure to welcome any of our customers
requirements both in their exclusive designs and on OEM production
basis to best suit your particular requirement for the reliable yet
reasonable offer from the leading towel manufacturing.